Draksh-asava literally means fermented grape juice (wine) in Sanskrit. The ancient Indian healing system of healing known as Ayurveda used Asavas to bring back health. Hence Asava is believed to address health imbalances arising from an excess of the Vata-Vayu Dosha in the Ayurvedic system. Keeping the health benefits of wine in mind, we are excited to introduce to you the ASAV portfolio of wines from Nasik. The ASAV wines have been produced in a state of the art winery. The grapes have been procured from Nasik. Detailed focus has been given to viticulture to ensure high quality produce. The Vines have been pruned so that yields are controlled to ensure top quality grapes bursting with flavour. Harvest is done at the exact brix level to ensure perfect sugar acid balance in the fruit. The Terroir in Nasik (2000 feet above sea level) is perfectly suitable for high quality grape cultivation. The soil is rich in iron with good drainage. Grapes are usually harvested at the end of winter (January–March), which helps to expose the crop to warm days and cool nights. This exposure aids in the slow maturation of the grapes, enhancing their quality.


Asav’s vision is to emerge as the country’s and the industry’s most admired organization. While delighting consumers with an offering that celebrates ever growing brand value, Asav believes in continuous experimentation and innovation to consistently exceed the expectations of critics and connoisseurs alike.


To take the experience of years and the passion of profession, and translate it into international quality standards that cannot be matched and set parameters that become the benchmark of fine wine, good taste and exclusivity.